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V12 Footwear MukGuard Review

Having recently purchased a new home with a rather large (for me anyway) garden, I was not relishing walking in and out of my home on those inevitable wet days and having to remove muddy wellington boots or gardening boots.

Cleaner and Greener Hotels

Cleaner Products were the first UK chemical provider to offer a ZERO waste system. Since the launch of the system in March 2013 many hotels, restaurants, catering and food processing companies have adopted the unique system that has proved to

Nissan X-Trail DCi 130 Tekna

My beloved Nina likes nothing more than a warm wallow with a magazine and good music. She is usually much less keen on family gatherings. But when she found herself heading to “Family Day” in the X-Trail, in the luxurious

What’s Green about the Blockchain?

  In the first of a series of articles about how the newest technologies can help us to be sustainable and ethical, let me introduce you to something called the “blockchain”… You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, the digital currency that

Something from our friend Aleah.

Our friend and colleague Aleah, who many of you will have met at our various events, has a new item on Heroine’s Journey… enjoy!   The Heroine’s Journey of Aleah Leigh Woods in London